Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Page Four..

The final 5 pictures of the set..Also a cover of a rare book premium..

Some thoughts:
It could be said that Mr. Mayer and Family might have been featured way too much, but Broadcasting was much different in the 1940's than it is today..Empire Coil was a family company, and this was evident in the many pictures of wife and family.. Both WNBK and WEWS were put on the air by much larger companies.It was interesting to see WXEL begin to build relationships with networks and sponsors, as well as breaking in a new staff..I really have enjoyed these..Thanks again to Richard Warner for sharing..

Cover of"The Story of Little Ajax" a rare children's book written by WXEL owner Herbert Mayer..This may have been given out as a premium during early personal appearances by WXEL Staff and Management..This ties in with the Elephant mascot described in earlier pictures..

Introduction Page of the "Story Of Little Ajax" a Children's Book Written by Herbert Mayer

Left:Walter Staudt Empire Coil, W.M. Tomlin RCA, Sandra Mayer, Dorothy Jean Barrett, Bert Dunlop, Mrs. Lee Gardner, Lee Gardner of RCA

Right:Donald Campbell Empire Coil, Martin Kramer, Attorney for Empire Coil and Theodore Burgess, WXEL Sales

A programming "huddle" with Network representatives of DuMont, ABC, Paramount Television and WPIX (WXEL probably got some programming from WPIX) with Morey Amsterdam in the middle..

Original WXEL Test Pattern

WXEL Staff Dinner:Cosulting Engineer Ben Adler, Herb Mayer's son Tommy, Chief Engineer Thomas Friedman Station Manager Franklin Snyder, Program Director Russell Spires and Owner Herbert Mayer

Mortimer Loewi, a Director of DuMont Televison Network

From Big Chuck and Lil John 1994:Daytime WJW-TV Promo from 1971

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