Monday, July 19, 2010

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Hello folks:
Richard Warner, who was responsible for the former Fox 8 Cleveland History site in 1999,recently acquired 30 pictures of the 1949 WXEL dedication and was kind enough to let me have copies of them..While Cleveland Classic Media has a selection of some of these, I wanted to find a way to share all of them..along with a couple other WXEL items..Thats where this "Limited Edition" blog comes in..I've decided to make a 3-4 part blog to Put these pictures up-about 10 at a time.

Also, while many of these photos have original captions, they may be slightly hard to read..I'll put a new caption underneath each of them..

Link to the original WJW-TV 50th anniversary History..Produced by Richard Warner

Close in shot of WXEL Exterior sign

WXEL Dedication Plaque

Eunice and Eudice Margolis, entertainment for the dedication dinner

Plane with Empire Coil and DuMont dignitaries arrives

Newspaper TV/Radio Editors-Elmore Bacon (News) George Condon (Plain Dealer) and Stanley Anderson (Press)

Exterior of WXEL Studio Building at Pleasant Valley/State Roads in Parma

Three of the WXEL Ladies:Pat Ryan, Lucille Schroeder, and Barbara Snyder "kibitz" with Guest Morey Amsterdam, who hosted The Morey Amsterdam Show on The DuMont TV Network..Have no idea about the Teddy Bear

Morey Amsterdam and WXEL owner Herbert Mayer

Morey with DuMont Executive Mortimer Loewi. He was partner with Allen B. DuMont from 1935-53

The Newspaper TV/Radio writers and WXEL General Manager Franklin Snyder enjoy a Morey Amsterdam joke..

Classic WJW-TV Graphics from 1976-(Added 2-28-2013)

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  1. Wow! What an incredible collection of TV history.I stumbled on this site while looking up info about Jack Horkheimer who worked at WPBT TV Miami and just died. Then looked up his announcer Big Wilson, who was on WCIX TV also in Miami, FL.
    Then I saw this WXEL info and wondered, because WXEL is now a public TV station in Boynton Beach, FL. But in 1951, the OH station had 3 networks including Alan Freed (later of Miami, FL)and Paul Whiteman! I am impressed.