Thursday, July 22, 2010

WXEL Newsletter/Schedule-February 1951

Here is the last page of our WXEL Vintage Photo Blog, at least for now..I don't anticipate adding any more to it, though with the nature of blogging, that could change..

Below is what appears to be a weekly Newsletter/Schedule for the week of February 18-24, 1951..Very rare item..Included in the 6-page booklet is the complete program schedule, including the network origination point of all the non-local shows..WXEL had I think a surprising number of CBS shows that WEWS-TV 5, as the primary CBS affiliate declined to carry..Local hosts included Alice Weston, Grant Wilson, Alan Freed, Sid Andorn, Clay Dopp, Jimmy Dudley, Bob Rowley and Rena and Bob Ledyard. After the schedule, there is an interesting short history of WXEL to that time..

You should be able to open each page as a separate link to read it a little better..

J January 21, 1977 City Camera News-The Great Blizzard of 1977..

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